Choose your battles

You are ringside and ready for the fight. You breathe deeply and take in a lung full of dust that reminds you why you don’t ever want to bite it. You can feel the tension. You close your eyes and take a few moments to remember how you got there. All those campaigns with your teams. Creative, strategists, accounts. The goals you were ready to fight for. Boost sales. Gain market share. Strengthen a brand ...

The weapons you had at your disposal? TV, print, activation, DM, shopper marketing, digital ...You refined your strategies and made them future proof. And above all, you asked yourself the question: were you ready for the fight? Now, it’s no longer time to procrastinate. Others are advancing to the ring.
It’s time to choose your battles.

And choose them well. As from now on, the winning cases at the BOA awards will count towards the MM Report. Submit yours before midnight on March 4th 2018.

Inhale. Exhale. And be ready to climb into ring for BOA 2018 on April 26, 2018.