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  • The road to nowhere

    The road to nowhere

    Corona Direct Verzekeringen

    SILVER (Brand Building (Outbound marketing))

    Agency: Accenture Song

  • RamAHdan


    Albert Heijn

    BRONZE (Brand Building (Outbound marketing))

    Agency: Accenture Song

  • House wine against homelessness

    House wine against homelessness

    Solidarité Grands Froids

    BRONZE (Product Launch/Relaunch/Trial campaigns)

    Agency: Accenture Song

  • #deviltime


    RBFA (Royal Belgian Football Association)

    SILVER (Activation in times of Corona), SILVER (Brand Building (Outbound marketing)), SILVER (Integrated Communication)

    Agency: De Vloer

  • Last Metal Standing

    Last Metal Standing

    Studio Brussel

    SILVER (Activation in times of Corona), GOLD (Digital Communications), SILVER (Media), SILVER (Creative Awards)

    Agency: Mutant

  • Walk to the future

    Walk to the future

    University of Antwerp

    BRONZE (Activation in times of Corona), BRONZE (Experiential Engagement and Events)

    Agency: Wunderman Thompson

  • Reduce the Ride

    Reduce the Ride


    SILVER (B2B Marketing)

    Agency: Happiness Brussels

  • The VAT Vacation

    The VAT Vacation

    NN Insurance

    BRONZE (B2B Marketing), BRONZE (Integrated Communication)

    Agency: Wunderman Thompson

  • Blind Gesprongen

    Blind Gesprongen


    GOLD (Brand Building (Outbound marketing))

    Agency: BBDO

  • Special Influencers

    Special Influencers

    Special Olympics Belgium

    SILVER (Digital Communications), GOLD (Creative Awards), SILVER (Cause or Charity/Non-Profit Marketing)

    Agency: LDV United

  • Unified Container Cup

    Unified Container Cup

    Special Olympics Belgium

    BRONZE (Cause or Charity/Non-Profit Marketing), GOLD (Small Budget Campaign)

    Agency: LDV United

  • Cups of Courage

    Cups of Courage

    VUB Yamina Krossa Fonds

    BRONZE (Cause or Charity/Non-Profit Marketing)

    Agency: LDV United

  • The XXXtra Age Check

    The XXXtra Age Check

    Child Focus

    SILVER (Cause or Charity/Non-Profit Marketing), BRONZE (Digital Communications), SILVER (Direct / 1:1 marketing)

    Agency: Wunderman Thompson

  • Giant NFT

    Giant NFT


    SILVER (Digital Communications)

    Agency: Happiness Brussels

  • ReStory



    GOLD (Direct / 1:1 marketing), SILVER (Creative Awards)

    Agency: Happiness Brussels

  • Mix4Boobs


    NRJ & Pink Ribbon

    SILVER (Environmental Social Governance), BRONZE (Innovative Idea), BRONZE (Creative Awards)

    Agency: Ogilvy Social.Lab

  • Stars in the Sky

    Stars in the Sky


    SILVER (Experiential Engagement and Events)

    Agency: Done By Friday

  • The Belgian Heartbeat

    The Belgian Heartbeat


    SILVER (Experiential Engagement and Events)

    Agency: FamousGrey (as a part of SILK)

  • Red Beer

    Red Beer


    GOLD (Innovative Idea), SILVER (Integrated Communication), SILVER (Product Launch/Relaunch/Trial campaigns)

    Agency: BBDO

  • Street Configurator

    Street Configurator

    Volvo Car Belux

    GOLD (Innovative Idea), BRONZE (Integrated Communication), SILVER ((online) Shopper Marketing), GOLD (Creative Awards), Grand prix(grand prix)

    Agency: FamousGrey

  • The Ecodesign Award

    The Ecodesign Award


    BRONZE (Product Launch/Relaunch/Trial campaigns), BRONZE (Creative Awards)

    Agency: Wunderman Thompson

  • The Walking Premiere

    The Walking Premiere


    BRONZE (Media), SILVER (Product Launch/Relaunch/Trial campaigns)

    Agency: Publicis Groupe

  • JBL Hidden Vibes

    JBL Hidden Vibes


    SILVER (Product Launch/Relaunch/Trial campaigns)

    Agency: Gutzandglory

  • Shopcakes



    Press Award (Press Award)

    Agency: Wunderman Thompson

  • Télévie - "Tout donner"

    Télévie - "Tout donner"

    RTL Belgium

    BRONZE (Brand Building (Outbound marketing))

    Agency: Shake